How to deal with Fish / Plants / Piano and valueable artworks?

While moving is usually a lot of fun and excitement, transportation of some items may become a real challenge for you. If there is no way you could leave

your fish, plants, piano or pieces of art at your old home, then you need to know how to deal with the situation. Here are some tips Shanghai Happy Move can

suggest you to make a moving process easier.

Fish and plants

While sloshing around and changes of temperature involved in a move may be hard for your fish, you can lower its stress and let it survive. In order to do it

you need to put your swimming pet into a holding container with only a little water in it. The filter has to be placed in a special chemical-free container,

while the aquarium plants can be put into a bag with water. When it comes to indoor plants, they will handle the move better, if they are moved to plastic

planters a few weeks before the location change. Plastic planters will less likely get damaged during the transportation and will keep the plant alive.

The piano

Even though the piano is an oddly shape object, which is extremely heavy and difficult to move, it is still possible to bring it to your new home. Shanghai

Happy Move could pack your piano with bubble /cupboards/blankets and some packing materials.

Pieces of art
As some of pieces of art may be very expensive or notably special for you, they deserve special attention during the move. If they contain glass or fragile

frames, the best idea is to wrap the objects in newspapers or bubble wrap and put them into a cardboard box. A box packed tight with stuffing will protect

your pieces of art even more.

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