About us

Welcome To Happy Move

Happy Move is a professional international hhgs and personal effects

moving company in Shanghai, No matter you are Foreigners whom will

finish work or stury in China or Chinese will go abroad, we could offer

you professional door to door moving service,meanwhile, we move for

lots of immigrants move abroad, such as America / Europe / Australia /

Canada / Singapore and so on,

Happy Move considers everything (an efficient schedule, a competitive

price, a safety process and the most important is the happy mood during

the whole process of moving ) from the customer's point of view, which

leads to the highest customer satisfaction.

We can achieve this by having a very motivated team in which everyone

has a wealth of experience in moving houses, apartments and offices.

This means they can carefully and swiftly move you within a timeframe,

Happy Move is perfect for a move of any size, we have trucks (15CBM

30CBM 40CBM trucks) to cater for all your needs. We can perform moves

of various sizes from 1 bedroom units up to 10+ bedroom House with

storage space. When you ask for a quote, we will be very glad to go to

your residence for a free pre-survey or please describe your home as

clear as you could.

Our moving business coveres most of the China mainland, especially for

Shanghai/ Beijing/ Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Jiangsu Province/ Zhejiang

Province/Anhui Province, we move inbound and outbound all over the

world, wherever and whenever you request a moving service, please feel

free to contact with Shanghai Happy Move,

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