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Happy Move service schedule 

Pre-move survey

The pre-move survey allows our move consultant to meet with you to discuss your requirements.  The consultant will record the various items to be packed and make not of any special requirements. 

Price estimate

Based on the information gathered during the survey, a detailed budget proposal for your move will be submitted within a few days.


Once you have confirmed the quotation, the next step is to schedule the move.


Transit insurance is important-don’t cut corners here! Talk with your consultant, ask questions, understand why you need insurance.


Before the packing crews arrives at your house, please remember to keep the items you will take by yourself for belongs to the landlord in a safe place where the crews will not be packed by mistake.


There is a lot of it for an international shipment, but don’t worry, we complete most of it for you.


Happy Move will arrange the air or sea shipment of your goods to your new residence. We choose reputable carriers to ensure that your shipment arrives as scheduled.

Destination Customs and delivery

Happy Move will provide you with the contact details of the delivery partner in your destination country and the estimated arrival date.

Settling in 

One key to a good move is the destination agent because they will handle your delivery. Happy Move works with the best agents all over the world.