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Singapore is celebrated for being clean and safe, with some of the lowest crime rates. Residents benefit from an excellent public transport system, top class health-care facilities and a diverse culture that promotes tolerance. The “Lion city” has even been ranked the fourth healthiest country.

This refers to shipments that are arranged for delivery by the shipping, airline or forwarding agent appointed by the owner of the personal effects.

To apply, you or your appointed agent should:

1) Submit an online Declaration of Facts (DOF) to Singapore Customs for an assessment of your eligibility for GST relief.

2) Submit the following supporting documents to Singapore Customs for proof of transfer of residence to Singapore:

Extract of passport particulars

Employment pass

Entry permit

Bill of lading/air waybill

If your employment pass is still being processed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), you should still complete the DOF and submit to Singapore Customs:

A copy of your employment pass application received by MOM; or

A letter from your employer confirming your employment; together with

A letter of undertaking from your employer to pay Singapore Customs the GST involved in the event your employment pass is not approved or if your employment is subsequently not taken up.

If you are not in Singapore, your employer or next-of-kin can provide a letter of undertaking to Singapore Customs stating that GST will be paid to Customs in the event that it is established (post-import) that you are not eligible for GST relief.These supporting documents and the online DOF should be emailed to customs_documentation@customs.gov.sg.

1) Check the status of your DOF application 

2) Declare a Customs In-Non Payment (GST relief) permit via Trade Net within 5 working days of receiving Customs’ approval of GST relief.

3) If there are dutiable items in your shipment of personal effects, please declare an In-Payment (Duty and GST) permit.

4) If you are assessed to be not eligible for GST relief, your DOF application will be rejected. You should inform your appointed agent to apply for the In-Payment (GST) permit to import your personal effects.